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Another company I think is way cool is Kasandrinos International. This company is co-owned by Tony Kasandrinos (a vet), and his sister, Efy.  Their oils are made in their family's home town in Greece, are pure, taste delish, and they have generously sent us samples for our 21-Day Sugar Detox!

It appears that if you use this link that they are currently offering 20% off first orders.

You can use my link here, to check them out.  To purchase use the code DRCOWANSGARDEN at check-out and get a 15% discount!

I Love these guys!!

Hate Veggies?  Do your kids?

Or maybe you have no time to prepare fresh vegetables, so when you do get around to buying them they sit around for so long that when you finally open the fridge door to look for food, they wave at you!

I love this company and their veggie powders.  Buy fresh, first, please!

But when you are tight on time or desperate to get your kids to eat more veggies it's a great option.  I've been using them for years.  Right now the kale, leek, and ashitaba powders are in my cupboard.

 Dr Cowan's Gardens is a small family-owned company in California, makes these amazing organic veggie powders.  The package the powders in Miron glass jars to bring you optimum nutrition.  Awesome info on their site.  Check them out!

Look for their recipes and the listed benefits.

Some of my favs, below.  These are small family owned and run businesses.

Please check back for more fun stuff!

Siete Foods ( is another family owned company (the Garza Family, in Austin, TX).  Are you catching a theme here?  They have also very generously sent us samples of their 21-Day Sugar Detox approved tortillas.  They have many awesome products and a fun website!  Do be sure to check the ingredients while on the detox, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

Many of their products are carried in our local markets, check here for local listing.

Just a couple of their products below.  You will have fun exploring their website!

The companies and products listed on this page are small, family owned and operated businesses; one's that I truly believe in.  I support these businesses because some their missions match mine... a healthier YOU, healthier communities and ultimately a healthier planet!!

While there is no extra charge to you, I may make a tiny profit from some of these links, if you use these listed links!  It simply helps support the work that I am doing in promoting health and wellness throughout our extended community.  Thank You!