I have learned a lot and I am very appreciative of the life tools that Jordana has shared with me.

Thank you so much for your presentation on Super Foods for Super Health at the Senior Source.  I am the participant whose daughter is also a health coach and spin teacher. Never-the-less, I always come away with alot of new information and great tips whenever I attend a class on eating to promote good health.  And your's yesterday was very good.

There were so many who had questions to ask you, including myself.  However, my parking meter was almost out of time so I had to run. 

Thanks again for your informative and interesting presentation and also for the foods you prepared and brought in for us to taste.  I definitely walked away with lots of new information and your talk reinforced many of the things I already know.  I hope you will do more classes in the future.
- M.T.

“My initial goals were to lose weight, feel better, eat healthier, and learn how to breathe better.  My biggest tangible changes have been to my eating habits, and I have shifted to healthier breathing during stressful times. The breathing changes are also helping me manage chronic pain.

In the process of our work together I have developed an inner listening to my body, and I now look at food differently. This has lead me to making lifestyle changes that include discovering a lactose intolerance…I am much more aware of hidden sugars. I feel stronger and clearer, and now have a working plan for the direction I am taking my life.

Jordana is a respectful, sympathetic and a wonderful teacher. She listens well and then incorporates your needs into her teachings. I would recommend Jordana to everyone open to change. This has been a valuable experience for me. I have learned a lot and I am very appreciative of the life tools that Jordana has shared with me.”
- I.L. Silver Spring, MD