LIABILITY RELEASE FORMS (Please submit both):

No Scheduled Dates for 2019:

Drop-in classes $13 cash; $15 credit card - please notify me in advance for charges, so that I can bring the device to class.​​

The class is now held in Bldg 8401, Suite 130; by the gym.

​You will need to submit the below Brookfield waiver to the Brookfield office. Bring the second Liability Release form to class with you.

Note: Class minimum is 10 people.  When both classes are running as scheduled, you are welcome to do a make-up class in whichever class you are not registered, anytime during the same "semester".  If you would like to do a drop-in class rather than registering for the series, you can do so for $13/class, cash.  I can take a credit card if you let me know in advance (so that I can bring the card reader), however there is a $2 processing fee.  So credit card drop-in classes are $15/class.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at  Thank you so very much for your continued support!

Guidelines to make your experience with yoga a more pleasurable experience:
1) Bring a mat, belt and blocks recommended.

2) Wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in.
3)  If you must eat before class, please keep it light as yoga on a full belly is unpleasant.
4)  Drink lots of water before and after class.  Staying well hydrated is important to support your body ridding itself of toxins flushed out during your practice.
5)  Honor Your body.  Some days the body is more easeful than others.  These less easeful days are a great opportunity to practice mindfulness - just notice how you are feeling, and relax into it, and breathe.
6)  If there is anything that Jordana should know about your body (surgeries, labels, etc), please let her know in advance of the class.  This way she can help you with any appropriate adjustments or adaptations.
7)  Breathe and enjoy!!


Phone: 240-242-7850

Phone: 240-242-7850