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 Join Us For Virtual Community Yoga on

Wednesdays at 4:30pm;

Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation on Fridays at 4:30pm

Research shows that yoga calms the nervous system, minimizes stress, supports the joints, helps with chronic pain, PTSD, and so, so, so much more.  Stress inhibits the immune system, not what we want right now!  Let's connect virtually, support your immune system, your body, mind and spirit!! Jordana has studied various forms of Hatha yoga and taught regular and therapeutic yoga classes for a local community hospitals for almost 20 years. Thank goodness technology gives us options for connection.  Join our community, just click on a link below at the listed time!

Classes are mostly Gentle Yoga classes designed to inspire you to move your body, stretch, strengthen, balance, and to help reset your nervous system. Connect on Zoom, from your home to mine and we can do yoga together.

Jordana's Community Yoga classes on Zoom links (click on red) below:
Wednesdays 4:30-5:30pm​  
Meeting ID: 811 0296 7739
Password: Breathe

Fridays,  Yoga Nidra 4:30pm​
Meeting ID: 811 0296 7739
Password: Breathe​

Yoga Nidra is a subtle yet profoundly powerful guided meditation practice.  There is an impressive amount of research on the amazing benefits for a huge array of conditions.

iRest Yoga Nidra participants have reported:

-Sleep improvement

-Reduced depression, anxiety, and fear

-Decreased perception of chronic and acute pain

-More ease in encountering circumstances beyond ones control 

Join us for Yoga Nidra on Fridays, at 4:30pm:
Topic: iRest Yoga Nidra for Inner Peace, Fridays 4:30pm
Click Here
Meeting ID: 811 0296 7739

Passcode: Breathe

To get the most out of the Yoga Nidra guided meditation practice, you will want to be in a position in which you can remain still for the duration of the practice, the more still you are the deeper you will go.  Please make yourself as comfortable as possible, either lying down or seated.  Be in a location where you can safely close your eyes and let go of focusing on anything around you.  When lying down on the back, a pillow under the knees helps support the low back.  A small pillow under the head so that the forehead is raised gently above the chin, this helps facilitate a quiet mind.  Try not to be in your customary sleeping position.  If you are seated, just support your body in any way that is comfortable for about 1/2 hour.  When relaxing the body temperature does drop, so you may also want a blanket, a jacket or something to help keep you warm.

Please do not let money influence your decision of whether or not to join us.  That said, if you wish to contribute, I welcome any "offering" that works for you to help offset my time, energy and expenses.  If you are able, the usual "offering" is between $10-$20 per class.  Those who have more may contribute more, those who have less will contribute good energy - and that is perfect!   

Contact Jordana directly with any questions. 

Thank you so very much for sharing this information with others to help us build our Virtual Yoga Community!!

Tips for virtual yoga class participation...
1). please be in a quiet space, or keep your microphone turned off.  You mic will likely pick of everything... What sounds like minor background noise to you may sounds very loud to the rest of the call participants making it difficult for us to hear each other. 
2).  since I am used to teaching classes in person rather than in an otherwise empty room, I am grateful if you will have your camera turned on.  Nobody cares about the background, I'd just like to see your beautiful face and know that we are there together.  Also, if your mic is not muted others can hear you - i.e. if you need a bathroom break, pause your audio and video for your own privacy.
3). If you do not have a yoga mat or props, no worries!  Use what you have for the mat and a blanket for the start and end of class is useful.  Blocks and a belt are great, rolled up towels (rubberbanded) can be used in the place of blocks, and for the belt you can use a bathrobe tie.
4).  Anticipate a few glitches the first time or 2 that we all connect.  Log in a little early, please, to allow time to get your glitches worked out, and to maybe help others, ahead of the scheduled start time.  And, your patience with others is always appreciated!!   
6).  We welcome everyone!  Please, leave all judgement behind, just bring encouragement, your breathe, and enjoy calm soothing yoga for you, your beautiful body, mind, and spirit.  Help us build our virtual community for healing.

"See" you soon!!
Virtual Hugs, and again thank you for sharing this with others!