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“I am continuing on the sugar detox post 21 days (although after day 21 I did have the occasional glass of dry wine)

I just used the Microsoft app that made headlines last week for guessing your age if you upload a picture. This picture was taken a month into sugar detox. Microsoft [app] guessed I am 32 years old. Real age? 51. My skin has never looked better!“
- L.H., April 21DSD

[App] guessed I am 32 years old. Real age? 51.

My skin has never looked better!

"I too have been cooking more. And I'm hoping to impact my children's diet.  Example: taco night I made the meat with a from scratch taco seasoning because the packets have more than one form of sugar.  I had a taco salad loaded with crunchy veggies in lieu of crunchy taco shell / chip bits.  I made them quesadillas. I need to find a new kind of refried beans sans sugar (they won't eat black beans yet).  But it's all awareness.  SO many things have one or more sugar ingredients for seemingly no reason..."  

"...Wanted to share the results of my bloodwork at the #'s dropped and I am now at the bottom range of my current thyroid med dosage. He says its a result of my diet and weight loss (down 10 lbs!). He said if I lost another 10 my dose would certainly need to go to lower dose. Yay!... clothes fit better and I just feel lighter / more energetic"

- J.C., Silver Spring, MD

"I am doing very well so far. Blood sugar is down over 100 points, I have lost 5 pounds, and my cravings are minimal. I made for <wife> and I a quiche recipe from the cookbook (page 104) that actually was pretty good." <Day 10>

- B.B., Cleveland, OH


pass, the foods showing up in my kitchen were incredibly different than what had been there before (yes, so much more from the perimeter of the grocery and barely anything from the center isles :-)) and I was cooking like a champ.  For me the time in my kitchen had become nearly all day on the preparation weekend.  Dishes piling up everywhere - clean up takes time - mindfulness became a nice resolve for me too :-).   I've learned to prepare my meals with this style of food and cooking as if it were a natural habit - I can not explain how this transformation has occurred but it has and I'm pleased.  I take time to eat my meals, consciously aware of actually chewing the food and fully experiencing the food, the tastes, the smells and textures.  I am excited with this new way of relating to food and nourishing my body.  A couple of things I've discovered is; I've moved my can opener to a lower drawer and my vegetable peeler to the top drawer taking the can openers place - an interesting non-verbal statement.  And while I'm eating far smaller meals, I find I no longer become ravenously hungry.  I look forward to day 22 and adding back a few items but the truth of the matter is; this has been a turning point experience in my life. Frankly I will incorporate this new way of cooking, eating, living as a routine part of my life...

...I've heard you <all> on the calls or seen the posts and those contributions were a strong influence to get me on track.  Jordana, I can not ever, ever thank you enough - this experience and the lessons learned about "healing" have been life changing!  Your coaching and support are the tools I've needed for more years than I can count.

Here's to a wonderful 21 Day Sugar Detox experience - my life is forever changed..."

- A.H., Silver Spring, MD

Here are a few folks who recently finished their 21DSD:

"here we are nearing day 21 - for me, this is amazing.  I came into this nearly kicking and screaming; it's too hard, there's too many changes, I can't.......I don't want to.......what a crummy idea!!!  Blah, blah, blah.  Then all of a sudden, after the second call-in I heard all of you with some positive ideas and perspectives and I felt my heart and mind start to soften.  I could do this, perhaps it won't be soooo bad.  The days started to