If you’re still cooking with canola oil, check out this video to see how it’s made and consider some cold pressed olive oil instead!

Vital Collagen Protein in 10 oz. or 20 oz.  For Connective Tissue, joints and anti-aging support.

Wild Planet non-gmo Wild Sardines in Extra Virgin Oil  (super healthy for you!  just sayin'...)

For your convenience, here are products and foods that I believe in and use.

Navita's Organic Camu powder (considered a superfood, very high in Vitamin C)

Email: info@JordanaCarmel.com

Phone: 240-242-7850

kasandrinos organic extra virgin greek olive oil

Protein Powder

Dr. Bronner's Organic Fair Trade Virgin Coconut Oil

Healthy fat for cooking, and Oil Pulling!


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Thrive Market is my go-to for organic foods!

I love Thrive Market! Products are 25-50% below retail prices. Plus, they deliver directly to your door. Thrive's mission is to help lower income families gain access to high quality food at a discount. That makes me happy!
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Yoga and relaxation

Nutrient Dense Sweeteners for Post 21-Day Sugar Detox

Paleo List  - many of these items are 21-Day Sugar Detox Approved, but please check ingredients to be sure (or ask Jordana!):

21-Day Sugar Detox (click here for more info):

Jordana teaches yoga classes at Holy Cross Hospital Resource Center in Silver Spring, Maryland,

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Purity Farms organic 100% Traditional Ghee

Healthy fat for cooking or eating with hot foods.

Nutiva Organic Black Chia Seeds 

(high in Omega 3s, makes GREAT smoothies and puddings)

Simply Organic Ground Turmeric Root

(naturally anti-inflammatory, consider using with black pepper)

SeaSnax Organic roasted seaweed family 4-pack - classic olive

Coconut Secret Organic Raw Coconut Aminos (works great in place of soy sauce or tamari)

Baking options:

Simply Organic Ground Cinnamon 

(helps regulate blood sugar)

Artisana Organic Raw Vegan Coconut Butter (can be used for some of the raw desserts in 21-Day Sugar Detox)

Supplements Jordana Loves

Bob's Red Mill Arrowroot Starch/Flour

 (this is a natural thickener when cooking or baking)

Spectrum Naturals non-gmo Avocado Oil

(lovely if you are making your own mayo, also great on salads and for cold use)